Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Testing, testing

Just a shout out into the void. Due to computer/internet limits, I've been an absentee recorder of our life events. Hoewever, Jesse has just informed me that Blogger has an app! Who knew? So although there will probably be an influx of commas where there should be spaces (my thumbs have gained weight or my new phone has a strange keypad arrangement), here I go again.

A year between posts makes catch-up a little hard, so here are a few basics: we had a baby (Mr. James). Danny is three, Gracie is two, and Jesse has completed his first semester of nursing school. I have rediscovered Robert Frost and am pushing toward more obscure poets in an effort to feel more legitimate. Also rediscovered: the bliss of a clean bedroom, the necessity of meal planning, and how much I want to write/am terrified of it.

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