Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Testing, testing

Just a shout out into the void. Due to computer/internet limits, I've been an absentee recorder of our life events. Hoewever, Jesse has just informed me that Blogger has an app! Who knew? So although there will probably be an influx of commas where there should be spaces (my thumbs have gained weight or my new phone has a strange keypad arrangement), here I go again.

A year between posts makes catch-up a little hard, so here are a few basics: we had a baby (Mr. James). Danny is three, Gracie is two, and Jesse has completed his first semester of nursing school. I have rediscovered Robert Frost and am pushing toward more obscure poets in an effort to feel more legitimate. Also rediscovered: the bliss of a clean bedroom, the necessity of meal planning, and how much I want to write/am terrified of it.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Day after Christmas, 2014

I'm not sure if anyone reads this ol' thing anymore, but hopefully this post will serve as a reminder to myself. We just had the most beautiful Christmas. Daniel was old enough to be really excited about the lights and decorations and the candy canes (his only Christmas wish was that Santa would bring him a candy cane). We had a Secret Santa who bought us all thoughtful gifts and gift cards for a date night out. We delivered treats and visited with so many friends. We spent Christmas night at my grandma's house where we all received meaningful gifts. Mom made me a beautiful maternity apron out of materials from my childhood. Pieces of cloth from a puppet theater we used to love, old pillows and beloved tablecloths. It's beautiful. Grandma gave Jesse Grandpa's antique pedometer and one of his first watches. We gave her a photo book of pictures of her with the kids and Grandpa. There were tears, good food, laughs--all the things I've always hoped Christmas would bring.
    And yet, here I sit at 12:56 in the morning looking around at a houseful of chaos. And I'm feeling guilty for not being a better housekeeper. How silly is that? I'm sick, pregnant, and trying to keep up with two toddlers. Why is it so hard for us to just hold onto those precious little moments that we know mean so much more than a clean house?
     Jesse once forced me to describe the things I saw around me when I was feeling this way. So here's what I see. My husband, asleep next to me on the couch (the guy who let me take a nap and bought me pudding and cleaned the kitchen). A beautiful Christmas tree. A figurine of a mother and her two kids that reminded Jesse of me. Paintings if our kids. A new Raggedy Ann doll for Gracie from my mom. Clean clothes to be folded. Tea Jesse bought for my throat. Books. The gingerbread house we made with my grandma. Remnants of dinner brought over by a sweet friend. The table Jesse made. The other table Jesse made. The scarf Danny picked out for Daddy. Get it yet? Yes, there are also bills in a pile, clutter, bathrooms that could use a wash down. But I hope I look back and don't remember that stuff. After all, I don't think Grace and Danny will.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lessons Almost Learned

So instead of trying to catch up from my 9-month blogging hiatus or filling this post with pictures of adorable babies, I thought I'd return to the blogging world by reviewing a few things I've learned being the mother of two little people.

1. What's that smell? It's poop. But I just changed both kids--no it's poop. Maybe it's the garbage? Nope--poop. Not the baby? Then it's toddler poop. Ok, ok, you've learned that lesson and this time it's really something else? Poop. It's poop! If it's not in the diaper, then it's somewhere else, but it's poop.

2. Baby spit is just little human water. It will get in your mouth, and that's ok. Go ahead and finish that spoonful of oatmeal for her. Kiss the slobberchin. Drool on your clothes? It'll dry and no one will know. Heck, those jeans have to last you for at least another week (see number 3). Same goes for baby pee, though I can't give a solid endorsement for its consumption. Try to avoid.

3. When people talk about doing more laundry when you have kids, they don't mean just baby clothes. It's YOUR clothes. You, with the slug trails on your arms. To say nothing of vomit. Let's just not.

4. It's ok to pray for Lightning McQueen. He's your son's best friend, and he's got a road to finish.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1:00 A.M.

Halloween, first words, Sarah's visit. All things I haven't written about here. I will, but right now, as I let my toenails dry before I get under the sheets, all I can think about is baby.

We visited the OB today, and I half expected him to say I hadn't progressed at all (as he did last week). But today, at 38 weeks, he began to talk about this thing like it's really going to happen. He's not a big induction guy, but he seemed to think I'm a good candidate for one, and that next week would be a good time. I never really considered being induced, but the doc will be out for Thanksgiving week and I'd really like him to be there for this girl's coming out party.

So. This could be our last weekend to get things done. This is definitely the last time I'll paint my toes  (not important, but floating around my head. Also, can't reach anymore). This Sunday could be our last with one kid at church. We'll remember bringing both our kids home to this apartment. On that note, we haven't lived in one place long enough for me to consistently remember our address in the past 7--10!--years. How did we become a family of 4 here?

It's all so different than it was with Daniel. The doctor said he would predict a 6 hour labor if I were induced next week. Wha??? Daniel took 28. I caught myself thinking how silly people are for packing a hospital bag. After all, I'll just run home and grab anything I need right? Or are we not staying for 6 weeks this time? This time, the nursery is all ready. Last time, we stayed up all night painting when we found out our little boy could come home. All the clothes are sorted. We've already had our baby showers. She might be able to nurse! Jesse won't be working nights! Different!

Anyway, the little girl is doing well. She's a squirmy worm and I swear she's going to curl around my back here pretty soon. Besides feeling like I swallowed an octopus, I'm feeling fine. Can't complain too much (though I do, poor Jesse).

Danny's busy tearing down the world and being the sweetest boy ever. Jesse's busy with work and school, but still finds the time to be my lifter/carrier/cheerleader/emotional support person.

Catch ya later.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Where the Watermelons Grow

Cousin Steph had her nuptials in San Francisco last weekend. I can't tell you how great it was to get out of town for a while and into a real city. We did some touristy stuff, hung out with the Thorson Clan, and watched Steph and Tim tie the knot. Aside from traffic, it was a great time. Daniel was pretty happy hanging out with his grandpa Thorson. 

Sarey met us at Pier 39. Love those sea lions.

 Sam and Addie stole the show.

Awesome bride and groom.

Beautiful Jen

Poking the bear.

The pink binkies were a gift for the baby girl from Sarah, but after hours in the car, they ended up saving the day. This kid hasn't taken a pacifier in at least 6 months, but it did the trick.

Kelly, Jared, Jen and the kids followed us up and crashed at our house. Sweet, funny Addie on the air mattress.

Exhausted, weddinged-out Jen went to bed after 2.


We were pretty stoked to be able to visit with Sarah and the Niemans on our way out of town. Sarah met us in downtown Clayton to play in the park. She and Danny were buddies as usual. And you know, we kind of liked seeing her too... Wish this girl lived closer, but we're looking forward to her visit later this month!

Jess and Dave are our friends from the Comic Frenzy days, and I wish we had hung out more when we lived in the same little town. Jessica fed us an amazing dinner. There was a game of pool, a youtube session, a batch of cookies, and a first game of Settlers of Catan. Really, we had so much fun. We ended up spending the night and getting an early(ish) start home the next morning.

Daniel is One!

We had a low-key, grandparents party for Danny Boy's first birthday. He got some sweet gifts and a nice piece of chocolate cake, which he wasn't sure what to do with. In the picture above, you can see Danny's very first portrait. One of those embryos is the big-head boy.

He loved Woody!

He got very excited when everyone started singing to him.
Side note: We were at Ikea in Sacramento, and Aunt Kelly started playing with Daniel and a plush baby (boy) doll she found in a display. He LOVED it. I thought it'd be a good idea to get him a baby to play with to help him understand how to treat his baby sister when she comes. I see nothing wrong with that. Well, Jesse was opposed to a "baby doll," so this is Gonzo, the Great Baby. He was a gift from Grandpa Thorson, and now Danny and I rock him and...honk his nose. Gently.

He figured it out.